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  •  Outstanding Durability with Polymer Modified Asphalt
  •  Dual Layer Construction
  •  Sustainable - Upcycled Rubber and Plastics
  •  Air Cleaning - Smog Reducing Granules

We Care About Quality

At Mel Harris Company, we offer some of the most popular shingles made for more outstanding durability with polymer modified asphalt, upcycled rubber and plastics that reduce waste, and air cleaning, smog-reducing granules. Architectural shingles utilize dual-layer construction. Dual-layer construction gives weight and strength to help against extreme weather and a new curb appeal. Our designer shingles are also dual-layer construction in a cedar shake pattern. Compared to architectural shingles, designer shingles are stronger, larger, and heavier to provide max weather performance and an enhanced curb appeal.

Shingle Roof

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