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Last month’s blog talked about whether or not your homeowner’s insurance will cover roof damage. This month it seemed appropriate to cover how your roof’s condition affects your insurance premiums. Again, I’m no insurance expert; just passing along helpful information and things you should discuss with your professional insurance agent.


Insurance companies base insurance premium costs on how much risk is associated with it. Think of a homeowner’s policy the same as auto insurance. A driver that has several traffic tickets and accidents is going to have higher premiums than someone with a perfect driving record, because there is more risk associated with the less than stellar driver. Your roof condition is a very large factor in the premium cost and one that is in poor condition will cause your insurance premiums to increase. According to Redfin, the age and type of roof gives an insurance provider insight into your potential risk. Of course, newer is better, especially 10 years or less. There are many other factors such as the location and overall home value.


When deciding on the best roof type for your home, check with your insurance provider, because some offer credits for impact-resistant roofs like a metal. Mel Harris Company has a wide range of roof materials and styles to choose from. You can choose a traditional architectural shingle, slate, tile, vertical panel, or metal shake roof. There is also a wide selection of colors to choose from. One of the professional representatives will help you select the best roof for you and your budget. Call today for your free estimate and to learn more about the fantastic financing options including low interest, long-term loans and zero down, same as cash offers. Call today, 800.NEW.ROOF.

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