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leaky window seals

 To replace or not to replace? That is the tough question we ask ourselves when we’re faced with home repairs especially if they are larger maintenance items like windows. One reason that typically results in window replacement is seal failure. When the window seals break down it creates a problem in energy efficiency and moisture resistance.


“What exactly is the seal?” you may be asking yourself. Today’s windows are made of two and three panes instead of just one like in the old days. An inert gas like argon is pumped between the panes and then sealed so that the glass and insulating gas stay in place offering energy efficiency. If the seal breaks down, many things happen causing the window to lose its efficiency and moisture resistance.


  • The insulating gas leaks out, minimizing energy efficiency.
  • Moisture resistance is impacted as the broken seal allows moisture to seep in, rotting the wood around it, which eventually leads to mold and mildew growth (which can create a whole host of health issues).
  • Energy bills will increase.
  • Condensation gets between the panes.


How can you tell if your seal has broken down?

  • Clean your windows thoroughly to allow proper inspection.

  • Do you windows still look dirty after cleaning? You’re not necessarily looking for streakiness, more like dirt and debris stuck between the panes that can’t be wiped away. In addition to debris, check for insects such as gnats, ants, or other bugs between the window panes.

  • Do you see condensation between the panes? If so, the seal is damaged.
  • When the gas leaks out, the panes of glass can shift and look distorted. Stand at a distance and inspect the exterior for distortion.

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