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siding maintenance

Spring is the perfect time to do home improvement projects. The weather isn’t too cold or excessively hot, making it the prime time to do exterior projects such as siding maintenance and replacement. The snow, ice, and wind has most likely created the need for a little siding sprucing up.

Siding is essentially the face of your home and affects the way the rest of your house looks, so keeping it in tip-top shape is important. Here are a few siding maintenance tips:


  1. Vinyl siding only requires a good washing and some light scrubbing. A simple and inexpensive cleaning solution is a quarter cup dish soap for every four gallons of water. Start by hosing off an area to remove loose dirt and debris while avoiding getting water under the siding by hosing downwards, perpendicular to the face of the siding. To clean those tight spots, wet your brush in the cleaning solution and scrub the remaining dirty areas. Rinse again with a hose. A power washer is not recommended to use a power washer as it can strip it of its outer color depending on the type of finish and this will not be covered by a warranty. It is best to stick with a garden hose and soft bristled brush.


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  1. Once the siding is clean and you notice mold and mildew, clean those areas using a mixture of 30-percent white vinegar and 70-percent water.

  1. Look for cracks. The winter season can make your home’s siding vulnerable to water infiltration. If you find cracks, re-apply a color-matched exterior caulk.

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