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Roof Replacement

One of the most important, but often neglected parts of your home is your roof. It is what shelters you from the weather and, in all reality, is what holds your house together. Without it, there would be no shelter. It takes the brunt of storms whether it be the weight of snow from a snowstorm, a beating from a hailstorm, windstorms and the daily heat from the sun.

So, why is it that is neglected? One reason is that roofs typically have a long life span of roughly 30 years, therefore, we sort of forget about it. Another reason is that we aren’t really sure what we are looking for when assessing the state of our roofs.

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends that homeowners examine their roofs in both the spring and fall. Make an appointment on your calendar to remind yourself to do your semi-annual roof examination.

When examining the roof from the exterior look for the following:

  • Split, cracked and warped shingles.
  • Broken tiles.
  • As the roof ages, it will shed more granules. Look for excess granules in gutters and on the ground below.

Interior signs that your roof needs replacing are:

  • Simply shining a flashlight through your roof from the outside is a great way to test your roof’s condition. If you see light shining through on the inside, your roof needs immediate attention.
  • Sagging areas in the ceiling indicate there is a roof problem.
  • A leaky roof will produce visible signs of water damage on the ceiling. Look for brown water spots on the ceiling.

Let one of Mel Harris Company’s roofing experts give you a free estimate to get started on your new roof today. There are many options to choose from---high-end roofs offer a premium, luxury roofing; slate roofs are strong, durable and maintenance-free; tile roofs are beautiful and durable; vertical panel roofing features Summit Ultra-premium panels that are fade-, dent- and rust-resistant; and metal shake roofs featuring a heat barrier coating reflecting radiant heat and reduces energy costs by up to 25%. Mel Harris Company offers 100% no money down finance with a delayed payment for 90 days. Give them a call today at 800.NEW.ROOF.

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