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Have you been thinking about replacing your old windows? Not only will replacing your windows give your home a facelift and add value, but you will also benefit from lower utility bills. One of the most effective ways to reduce the summer heat or cold drafts in your home is to replace old windows with new, energy-efficient ones.

Energy-efficient windows help reduce the demand on your heating and cooling system, which ultimately lowers your utility costs. All of Mel Harris Company’s windows feature argon gas to help keep air from escaping your home. In addition, they are low-e (low thermal emissivity). Low-e means the window has a very thin coating applied to the glass that reflects solar waves, such as long-wave infrared energy (heat) from the sun. The combination of argon gas and low-e significantly improve the thermal efficiency of your windows. Well-insulated windows keep extreme outdoor conditions from affecting your heating and cooling system.

Your home’s overall environment will be improved by replacing your old windows. You will get much needed natural light in your home while reducing outside noise. Excessive ultraviolet rays can cause fading in your home’s interior. New windows can offer ultraviolet protection for walls, fabrics, flooring, and furniture lengthening the lifespan and quality of your home’s interior.

Still undecided if investing in new windows is right for you?  Give Mell Harris Company a call at 1-800-NEW-ROOF to get a free assessment and estimate. Their friendly staff will come out to your property, discuss what you expect to gain from replacing your windows and give you the best options to fit your goals. Mel Harris Company offers many different styles of windows to suit any design preference. Mel Harris Company offers 100% no money down financing with a 90-day delayed payment.  Don’t wait another day to start saving on utility costs.  

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