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It won’t be long, and the summer days will turn to fall and winter. Although cooler temperatures would be a welcome relief right now, as the cold, dark winter days continue it can leave many people depressed longing for brighter days. In fact, Mayo Clinic published an article about seasonal affective disorder (SAD),

a type of depression that typically occurs each year during fall and winter, and the benefits of light therapy boxes. These light boxes are designed to give a therapeutic dose of bright light to treatment symptoms of SAD. Letting more natural light into your home also has similar benefits to help ward off depression and aid in alleviating anxiety.

Ways to let more natural light into your home:

  1. Opt for a lighter color pallete by repainting walls and ceiling a light color.
  2. Lighten up window treatments. Trade the heavy drapes and dense fabrics for easy and breezy window treatments. Replace dark blinds with white or possibly remove if you live in an area where you don’t have to worry about privacy.

  1. Trim shrubs and trees around your windows. In addition to allowing more natural light into your home, it will reduce your security risk.
  2. Deep clean your windows to allow more light in. A good cleaning is cost efficient and can do wonders for your windows.

  1. One of the best ways to flood your home with light is by installing new, larger windows. In addition to adding more natural light, new windows increase your home’s curb appeal, and lower monthly energy bills.

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