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You’ve got your beautiful new windows installed from Mel Harris Company and wondering what the best way is to keep them sparkling clean. Dirty windows can quickly ruin any view and no one like start their morning coffee like that. A few helpful tips to keeping your windows clean are:


  1. As with any job, having the right equipment and supplies is the first step and make your window cleaning job much easier. You will need a sponge mop, spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, microfiber cloth (important, never put your microfiber cloth in the dryer), Dawn Dish Soap.

Recipe: Add ¼ cup rubbing alcohol and 3 tablespoons Dawn to a spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with water.

  1. Wet your mop and if cleaning exterior windows spray with a water hose to make cleaning easier.

  1. Spray window with the mixture being careful to only spray one or two windows at a time to avoid the soap drying and making cleaning difficult.


  1. Use the mop to scrub the windows staring from top to bottom.


  1. If you would rather not let your windows air dry, wipe them off with the microfiber cloth.

  1. For the interior, use a squeegee instead of the mop. A small squeegee is a bit easier to handle inside the house.

Keeping windows clean doesn’t have to be expensive or tough process. If you’ve been thinking of replacing your windows, contact Mel Harris Company, 479.649.2600, today for your free estimate. Financing is available with no interest options. Start enjoying your crystal-clear views now!

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