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Many people often have a preconceived notion that vinyl siding is not as durable as other exterior materials. They don’t realize that vinyl siding will stand up to harsh weather conditions, season changes and temperature fluctuations.

They don’t think it will hold up to a family’s daily activities---kids playing baseball, car doors or anything else that might bump the material and cause it to break. The fact of the matter is that vinyl siding installed by the professionals at Mel Harris Company offers superior durability and insulation. Best of all it is maintenance-free, as it requires NO painting unlike pine board or cedar; the durable material will not rot or flake.

Vinyl siding is specifically manufactured to last a very long time. It is resistant to heat, cold and moisture and can withstand high winds. It also has acrylic additives to help prevent UV rays from making the vinyl brittle and easily damaged.

Siding comes in several colors that are infused within the vinyl itself thereby giving you a virtually maintenance-free exterior. It can mimic architectural details once made only from wood. For example, siding giving the appearance of cedar shake is among one of the most popular siding choices among customers.

Assuring that your siding is installed by knowledgeable and experienced professionals also has an effect on the durability of the siding. Vinyl siding must be installed loosely to allow for expansion, but not too loose that wind can get underneath the sheets of siding and lift the panel from the wall.

Siding is quickly becoming one of the most popular exterior materials, so don’t delay, contact a Mel Harris representative today to learn about the benefits of vinyl siding to your home and let them help you determine the best siding for your needs and get a free estimate. Mel Harris Company offers 100% NO money down financing with a 90-day delayed payment option.

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