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Spring storms often bring heavy wind and hail leaving your home’s roof damaged. When a roof is damaged by hail it not only causes problems with your roof, it leads to water leaks, mold, electrical issues, ceiling damage and more.


Hailstorms drop pea-sized to softball-sized hailstones. Of course, the larger the hailstone, the more probable it is that you will have roof damage. However, just because the stones are small, doesn’t mean there isn’t damage. If the hailstones fall fast enough, the colored granules found on top of asphalt/composite shingles can fall off. These granules are small, but they serve the job of protecting the shingles from wind, rain, and harmful UV rays. If you have unrepaired hail damage, the UV rays from the sun will beat down on the damaged shingles causing them to become weak and brittle.


A few signs of hail damage are random damage patterns, shiny patches on the asphalt, and dents and dings that appear black. Unfortunately, most hail damage cannot be seen from the ground. It is best to contact a professional roofing contractor to conduct a thorough hail damage roof inspection. The sooner you have the damage repaired, the less chance you have of further structural damage.


If your roof is beyond repair, contact Mel Harris Company. Select from shingle roofing made for durability with polymer modified asphalt, upcycled rubber and plastics that reduce waste, and air cleaning, smog-reducing granules, or a metal roof providing a durable roof that is cost effective. Mel Harris Company offers 100% no money down financing with a delayed payment for 90 days. Call today, 800.NEW.ROOF.  


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