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Getting Your Home Ready For Winter

We are already into the last 90 days of the year and it is time to start thinking about winterizing your home. Now is the perfect time, because the weather is still decent enough that you don’t have to risk frostbite when working outdoors. Make yourself a little checklist to do the following before the temps dip below the freezing mark:

  1. Unhook any water hoses attached to the outside spigots to keep them from freezing and causing a huge problem when the spigot is turned on in the spring. You can also insulate all of the outdoor hose spigots by covering them with a cover made specifically for them. They are made of a hard plastic shell exterior to protect the spigot from the cold air.

  1. Call a professional chimney sweep to assure your fireplace is ready to safely warm your home. Spending a little money and time up front will prevent chimney fires causing devastating damage to your home.

  1. Caulk around windows and doors. If the gaps between siding and window or door frames are bigger than the width of a nickel, you will need to recaulk. Silicone caulk is the best for exterior use because it won’t shrink.

  1. Additionally, it is a good time to fill all of the voids on the outside of your home to help keep cold air out. A properly rated expansion foam that can be purchased at any home improvement store will work great.

  1. Stock all vehicles with ice scrapers before the weather causes frosty windshields. This is also a good time to stock up on ice melt for driveways and sidewalks.

These are all simple and easy things that you can do yourself to make sure your home is ready for winter. If your home is in need of a bigger project like new exterior siding, a roof or windows, call Mel Harris Company today at 1-800-NEW-ROOF for your no obligation free estimate. Mel Harris Company offers 100% no money down financing with a delayed payment for 90 days.


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