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holiday spirit

Holiday lights are showing up along rooflines in just about every neighborhood. For many, getting into the holiday spirit is hanging lights on the house. This tradition is fun and festive, but there are a few things you need to remember to protect your roof and your safety.


  1. Never, ever hang your lights from your shingles. Always secure lights from gutters or eaves.


3M Light Hooks


  1. Don’t follow Clark Griswold’s lead by nailing or stapling the lights to the roof. Use plastic, temporary clips that are made for hanging lights. There are many quality options on the market today.



  1. Refrain from placing items such as Santa and his reindeer on your roof. Weight on your roof can potentially damage your shingles. Decorations such as this should be saved for the ground below.



  1. Speaking of weight on the roof, you should avoid walking on it. This not only has the potential to damage your roof, more importantly, severe injury or death can result from one slip or trip while walking on your roof.


Another pro tip is to inspect and test the lights before hanging. This will not only avoid a lot of frustration, but it is also a good precautionary step to avoid creating a fire hazard. Broken bulbs and exposed wires have the potential of starting a fire. Also, only use lights and extension cords with an outdoor-use approved rating.


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