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Spring is right around the corner and with that comes severe thunderstorms. Your roof is one of the most important components of your home and takes the brunt of wind and whatever is falling from the sky. That is why many people are opting for a metal roof. It is one of the strongest, most long-lasting materials on the market when it comes to roofing materials.

When properly installed and quality materials are used, you can expect a metal roof to last up to 50 years. A metal roof is comprised of the metal covering (choose from either panes or shake), fasteners and clips, underlayment, sealant, trim, and closures.

The metal covering is the metal sheets or metal tiles. When they are seamed together they form a roof.  

The fasteners are used to secure and assemble various parts of the roof together. They can include nails, screws, clips, cleats and bolts. The clips secure the pieces of metal to one another.

Underlayment is the layer of material beneath the metal covering. This provides a layer of protection against moisture, ice, extreme temperatures and more.

The sealant is an extra line of defense against water intrusion and used during the installation process to ensure unwanted things such as water and dirt are sealed out.

Trim provides that finished look to your roof’s aesthetic. It also offers another barrier of protection against moisture.

Closures keep your home properly ventilated as well as help keep insects and other animals out of your attic.

Metal roofing these days offers a stunning array of styles, colors, and textures designed to look great on your home. When you choose Mel Harris Company, you can select from metal shake or the vertical panel. Metal shake incorporates a wood texture and gives a comparable natural appearance to wood shingles without the fire hazard. Vertical panels are the most popular option and available in a wide variety of colors. Contact a product specialist at Mel Harris Company for your free roof estimate, 1.800.NEW.ROOF.

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