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Replacing your roof is a big long-term investment and you want to be sure that you choose the right type of roof and color that compliments your home as well as something you will love looking at every day. Aside from the exterior walls of your home, the roof is one of the most important and noticeable parts of the exterior. 

Before choosing a color, you will need to decide which type of roof you want. Mel Harris Company has several great options for all budgets:

 High-end is a premium, luxury roofing that offers the highest degree of architectural quality. It comes in a variety of styles and colors.

 Slate is strong, durable and maintenance-free. It will not rust, crack or rot. It resists streaking and straining.

 Tile is beautiful and durable. It is also environmentally smart as it has reflective pigments for energy efficiency. 

 Vertical panel roofing is made of a 26-gauge quality material that is fade-, dent-, and rust-resistant.

 Metal shake roofing has a heat barrier coating that reflects radiant heat and reduces energy costs by up to 25%. It is also protected against peeling, staining, fading and chalking. 

Choose a color that pairs well with the exterior color of your home. You can either create a contrast with your exterior wall color or choose a color that blends. Classic color combinations are:

Exterior Color

Roof Color

White, Gray, Yellow or Blue

Gray or Black 

Red brick

Black, Brown and Gray

Stone or earth-toned

Brown or Tan


If you have a smaller home and want it to look larger and taller, choose a color that blends with your exterior. Doing so will give the appearance of a continuation of the siding to draw the eye upwards. For example, a brown or taupe colored roof will beautifully enhance a ranch-style house with brown siding. 

Before choosing a color and style, be sure to read through rules carefully if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association. Many have restrictive covenants outlining specific roof types and colors. Installing anything else will be in violation of those rules and you could be forced to remove the new roof and install one that is compliant. 

All of the roofs sold by Mel Harris Company have lifetime warranties. Contact the professionals at Mel Harris Company today and receive a free estimate to get started on your new roof today. 

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